Be in awe and admiration of Jodhpur’s classic architecture, examples of which you can find right inside your own Bristow’s Room. Bristow’s suites are one of a kind, four suites, each with some extraordinary magic.



The Rabaris are a humble community dotted with pastoralists. According to Hindu myths, Lord Shiva had put them on the earth to tend to the camels owned by Goddess Parvati. This humble group of farmers along with their culture and tradition has brilliantly inspired one of the finest suites available for the guests at Bristow’s Haveli, Jodhpur. Come in to be only welcomed by the sheer beauty and gorgeousness of the Rabari culture, and their art. Be greeted by the eclectic and diverse range of artifacts embedded right into the architecture and decor of the suite which will constantly remind you of the culture within which your stay in Jodhpur is at. The Rabari Suite is bound to leave you with a lasting impression which will simply make you want to come back for more. Drown yourself in the beauty of this suite and make your stay in Jodhpur a truly unparalleled experience.



Complete with the authentic charm inspired by the Banjara community, this suite is meant to enclose you within the culture of the Banjaras. Furnished with minute details which embody the vibrancy and colorfulness of the Banjara style and yet displays it all in a very minimal fashion, the suite will facilitate a beautiful and remarkable stay while you’re in the city of Jodhpur. Explore this rustic city in all its charm and grandeur, and do not leave out the same experience outdoors as you come back to Bristow’s for your stay. We believe in a continuation of the experience indoors and the Banjara Suite brilliantly encapsulates this philosophy of Bristow’s. Come and stay in the Banjara Suite and allow yourself to step closer to culture. Live within the Banjara culture and experience it surrounding you.



Filled with an air of Indian patriotism, the Nehru suite is bound to transport you to a different era in this country’s highly diverse timeline. The Nehru Suite is named as a tribute to sovereign India’s first-ever prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The room is in celebration of this country’s newly found independence. Amidst beautiful Rajasthani architecture, your stay in the Nehru Suite can be compared to none other. Enjoy your stay in Bristow’s and give yourself the unique experience of staying in the iconic Nehru suite.



The word “Kumhar” literally translates into “potter”. Originating from the Sanskrit word “Kumbhakar”, the potters of our country are widespread and exceptionally skilled. Bristow’s Haveli admires their pristine and flawless craftsmanship and acknowledges the intricate craft of pottery as integral to the culture of this nation. The Kumhar Suite a Bristow’s Haveli shall take you into the world of rustic earthen pots and act as a fine example of this delicate craft. At Bristow’s Haveli, culture and craftsmanship of the native land are vastly celebrated and showcased with pride to the guests. Enjoy your stay at the rustic city of Jodhpur, surrounded by a set of fine examples of the craftsmanship which India’s potters are able to skillfully create.