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The Banjara Suite

We offer guests a unique experience of real India

inside the old walled city where you can relax without

the hustle and bustle of a tourist hotel.

The Banjara Suite is on the first floor with two doubles and one single bedroom, bathroom and sitting room. This is the oldest part of the house where the old temple was located. It has a beautiful red sandstone sitting room.

Jodhpur, the ancient blue city fabled in legends and tales of the silk road where merchants lived and traded on the edge of the Great Thar Desert.
Centrally situated in Rajasthan, it offers visitors a unique insight into traditional life in this region. Surrounded by small villages and desert sands, Jodhpur is a colourful and vibrant city with its markets and bazaars. Many festivals and fairs take place throughout the year and it is a great place to explore the region.

Room Facilities

  • On First Floor
  • One Double Bedroom
  • Two Single Bedrooms
  • Large Veranda
  • Bathroom
  • Sitting Room
  • Breakfast
  • Tea and Coffee throughout the day
Minimum stay of 2 nights.