Craft Week 2018-19

Amidst the rustic and sublime city of Jodhpur, join us at the timeless Bristow’s Haveli to participate in our highly acclaimed Crafts Week! Gain a breathtaking first-hand insight into some of the most elaborate details and techniques involved in practicing the age-old Rajasthani traditions of block printing. Stay at the veteran Bristow’s Haveli, located at the heart of the Blue City of Jodhpur. Your accommodation at Bristow’s Haveli will include a complimentary breakfast along with a cup of tea or coffee. In order for us to organize the workshop, a minimum of 6 participants will be required. For tariffs and further inquiries, kindly contact us at the following details:


George (Founder of Bristow’s Haveli): 01666503597

The workshop will be conducted for a period of 5 days. Participating in it will allow you to gain a breathtakingly deep insight through the deep understanding of various facets pertaining to the intricate crafts of hand block printing, surface design, color & pigment. Gain an incredible exposure to the eclectic range of techniques used in the process of printing. Furthermore, the workshop will present you with the unique opportunity to delve into prime examples of traditional craftsmanship such as Dabu, Ajrakh, and Batik.

Following is the timetable for the Crafts Workshop at Bristow’s Haveli:

By the end of the workshop, one shall be fully accustomed with the process of block printing from its initiation upto the final touches. Moreover, the individual will get the unique opportunity to themselves craft their own personalised souvenirs based on the freshly gained insights over the past few days. They will have the opportunity to craft their own designs which shall be translated into sheets of fabric and upon request, may be stitched into a final product which is ready for usage.

Come join us at Bristow’s Haveli to give yourself a truly unique experience which shall leave you with an impression which lasts for a lifetime. While being in Jodhpur, this workshop is your perfect opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the heart of the city’s culture, arts and timeless traditions. Experiences such as the Crafts Week is what makes traveling filled with an everlasting bunch of fun moments, memories and experiences!

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