We offer guests a unique experience of real India

inside the old walled city where you can relax without

the hustle and bustle of a tourist hotel.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love affair with Jodhpur the blue city. It started many years ago in my home town of Tetbury. Sitting one day in the barbers shop waiting for my short back and sides, I picked up a National Geographic magazine to see that the main feature on Jodhpur, had a full page picture taken from the fort looking down on the Blue City. I was captivated by this biblical image and tore the page out and pasted it into my scrap book little knowing that 50 years later I would own one of those havelis in the photograph. Our haveli is a simple home like so many in the city and was previously owned by a family of advocates. The main attraction was the opportunity to create a garden, a very rare thing in the old city and possibly the only one. Throughout restoration, we have tried to keep the rooms as they were intended so our guests can have a unique Indian experience. Being neither a guesthouse nor a hotel, our guests can feel relaxed and unwind in their own special space.