The Journey Begins

/The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Every city you step foot in is nothing but a vast and blank canvas with a paintbrush thrusted in your hand to make it as vivid as you can.

Traveling is an art.

The possibilities are simply infinite and endless. The deeper you allow yourself to pervade the cultural fabric of the new land, the more vivid and rich your canvas shall become. It is important that one efforts to truly delve into the deepest cultural nooks and crevices of whichever labyrinthine land they may be visiting for a trip. Unless one is able to wholly experience at a deeply personal level, the core and authentic lifestyle of the place they are in, the trip will always remain as an incomplete one.

One such unforgettable trip can unfailingly be had in the beautiful and iconic blue city of India, Jodhpur. Situated in the heart of Rajasthan, this quaint and rustic city has never ceased to mesmerise her guests. It is easy to lose yourself in the innumerable alleys of Jodhpur while discovering the immense treasures the city has to offer.

The history of the blue city is of merchants of the silk road as they dwelled and traded by the edges of the Great Thar Desert. Today, Jodhpur is surrounded by quaint villages and vast deserts. The vibrant marketplaces are constantly flocked by locals and tourists alike and the rustic cafeterias are buzzing with energy and wanderlust. The festivals of Jodhpur are an incredible feat to witness and should be included in everyone’s checklist!

Amidst all the bustle and the noise, lies a serene escape for the traveler to retreat and rest. Bristow’s Haveli is located in the heart of the blue city and allows the traveler a space to come back to for spending the time to ponder and reflect over the culture, the experience and to simply let the overwhelmingness of the incredible journey to tone down! Located in the heart of Jodhpur, the Haveli is as cultural and authentic as your stay in the blue city can ever get. With immense care, the Haveli has been restored to its original grandeur to provide its customers with a stay like none other.

George, the current owner of Bristow’s Haveli is ethnically a resident of Tetbury, England. Whilst a routine haircut in his hometown and flipping through a National Geographic travel magazine which happened to cover Jodhpur, it marked then and there, the birth of George’s love and passion for the incredible city of Jodhpur. He ripped the paper out of the magazine, took it with him and pasted it in his personal scrapbook. Fifty years later, George has today come to own one of the most coveted Havelis situated in the heart of the very city he had fallen in love with half a century back.

Bristow’s Haveli offers its guests a calm and serene space to relax and unwind from the daily rigor which is required to tour the incredible city of Jodhpur. Scenic views of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort could be enjoyed as one is comfortably nestled in the luxury of the blue Haveli of Bristow’s. Be in awe and admiration of Jodhpur’s classic architecture, examples of which you can find right inside your own Bristow’s room! Bristow’s Haveli is intended to become a crucial part of your stay in Jodhpur by respecting the context of art, heritage, architecture, and culture during your stay in the blue city.

Bristow’s Haveli promises its customers an incredible stay and beyond. From planning excursions to events to workshops, Bristow’s Haveli will make sure that your time in Jodhpur is spent to make memories which are to be cherished for life.

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